The Winter Garden

The garden and allotment have been rather neglected due to the ground being very wet.  At The allotment still has quite a few weeds from last year which need to be cleared.  Hopefully they have not gone to seed, but it was been so warm some may have.  I am going to be busy.

The garden at home did get more attention at the end of last year, before it got really wet.  Hopefully it should be in quite good shape for the coming year.  I have a few gaps in the beds which will need to be filled but I have a few little plants over wintering might do the job.

A dusting of snow today and the garden was covered, so it was a lazy day in the house for us.



Another year over… and a new one just begun..

It has been a very long time since I posted.  The end of last year was quite sad for us, our puss cat, Willow, passed away.  She would have been 16 in February.

Things move on and we missed having a feline friend in the house so we ended up getting two six month old rescue kittens to keep us company.  Just like Willow they wanted their own blog which can be found here.

They are a handful and currently not going out, so sorting them out and keeping the house tidy behind them is keeping us busy.

The garden and the allotment both went well last year but work was busy and it was hard to find the time for gardening.  Hopefully this year will be better… once I clear all the weeds from the allotment.

Happy New Year!



We did get the garden finished and we were able to enjoy it during the summer and it all looked very nice.  We hope that things will grow and it will fill out a bit more this year, some things might not come back and we will have to decide what to do about them, but over all we are pleased. _MG_5452

Winter is now here and the garden has been asleep but things are now starting to come back, it will be interesting to see what does come back.  _MG_6756 At the weekend we had a little bit of snow.

The digging goes on.

The garden has been coming along, all the hard landscaping is done, I need to get my finger out and order the mini greenhouse and finish the digging.



The digging is feeling like a never-ending task.   The to six inches of the g garden is a heavy clay, then it is compacted rubble and then a better soil under that possibly with some more rubble for good luck. It is hard slow work digging it out, but I am getting there. I hour to have it finished by the end of the month.






The new grass is growing okay but we do have a few patches that have gone a bit brown, we wonder if we have over watered it so will give it a day off today.

Once the garden is done we will do some more work on the allotment.IMG_0082

Garden Work

It has been another busy week. The landscapers are still busy at work in the garden, they are relaying paths, putting in some new ones and digging out an area for a deck and some flower beds.

 We have also been digging in the garden, working to remove some of the rubble the builder has buried in the garden. We over did it at the weekend and could not move the day after. It was worth it but there is still lots to do but hopefully it will look good when done.

The landscapers will be here for another week or so, let’s hope the rain stays off so they can get on!  I have purchased a few plants so once they are gone I will need to get busy.



All change, all change

Much has been going on and changed for us in the last few months. The biggest thing is that we finally moved, we were starting to think it might never happen, but in early March it did.

Everything we own as packed in to a van and driven to England. Unpacking was quick but it took us a while to get fully organised, but I think we are there now.


Our new garden needs some work to enable us to use it how we want but we hope the work for this will start this week.


We also have an allotment which needs quite a bit of work. It has not been cultivated for a while and the weeds are rampant.

Out of the garden, my job got extended, but I now have to travel to London everyday, which makes for a long day.

A new chapter and as the title suggests, there has been many changes.

Pink Sky and Rain

It has been a bit of an odd week weather wise.  Walking to work, there has been several mornings I have witnessed a wonderful pink sky and then before you know it the rain starts.  Yesterday the rain was coming down in buckets, we had to go out so got a little wet.

Big sky

Big sky

Saturday morning rain

Saturday morning rain

The greenhouse has developed a leak, we have a bit of an idea on how to fix it but we need it to dry and we might move before that happens. It is strange to not be working in the garden and getting things ready for spring, but as it will not be our garden soon so there is no point.  I might have one last weed in a few weeks times, I will see how busy I am.

We have been given a date for completion on our new house, it will be ready on 28 February, we will move into it the first week in March.  It seems to have taken ages to get to this point but I am sure the time is going to fly by now.  I think we need to start getting organised!